Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Survivor's Ethan Zohn is going through exactly what I'm going through. Relapsed Hodgkin's, autologous stem cell transplant to come:

"Zohn says that both his red and white blood cell count will be brought down to zero during the month-long hospital stay – most likely in December – at which time his frozen, healthy stem cells will be reintroduced with the aim of replenishing his body entirely with non-cancerous cells."

I'm about two months ahead of him: in about 10 days I'll be going into the hospital for a month for my stem cell transplant, pressing that "reset" button on my immune system.

Read his story, which is essentially my story, here.


Tam said...

Hey we finally have someone famous and cute too!
I haven't posted yet, but the results are back and I'm headed for transplant asap! My little mole has started rebuilding it's mountain in my chest.
Ill email you to get the scoop and see how you're doing. I'm nervous, but if you can do it I can do it - right?

Corneice said...

Praying for you!

Colin said...

Hi, totally randomly came across your blog. I hope that you are doing better. In typing this, I realized that I normally only pray for some selfish type of reason, and by all means I do not consider myself religious...I will however, say a prayer for you. Stay stong. I have a good feeling that you are going to come out on top of this thing.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Wendy said...

Hi Tara,
I too ran onto your blog by chance...or not! I hope you are doing well! I was also diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma...it has been total and complete HELL! I was only supposed to have 4 treatments and wound up needing 8..soooo disapointing! I wanted to read your blog so I could see what would be coming for me...radiation sounds TERRIBLE! I hope you are doing ok! I will pray for all of us!

David Haas said...

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Kim Simon said...

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ThomasJr said...

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Meryem said...

Hi, how are you? How did your beam and sct go?

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